Painter Printmaker

"Jo Booth’s landscapes possess a remarkable informality, a sense of freedom that liberates the viewer, momentarily. But above all, they are simple, honest representations of the natural world. Booth is clearly besotted with the strikingly beautiful landscapes near her home. She paints the beauty, the space, the sense of occasion, even the possibilities that she sees before her, without resorting to photo-realism to get that message across. The sea, the sky, the rocks, the sand- all the obvious elemental players are there, so superbly abbreviated, but still in all their inherent glory.”Craig Kerrecoe, Ovenden Contemporary, November 2006I have always painted. Following a successful career in Human Resource Management and the arrival of my children I decided to devote myself to my art and have resisted the temptation to return to full time work.I discovered printmaking when I studied fine art at Hereford College of Art and Design where I obtained a Distinction in my Foundation in June 2006. Printmaking has allowed me to pare down my images, to recreate a more fluid representation rather than a literal view. In October 2010 an obtained a distinction in my MA in Printmaking at the University of Wales, Newport.My work both paint and print is especially concerned with landscape. I originally studied Geography at University College London and my art has also always been about expressing the world around me and trying to capture its essence.

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